Calle 8 No. 1A-43 Taganga, Col.
(+575) 421-1822 (+57) 310-693-7333
How to get here?

By bus

There is a city bus route (“busetica”) in Santa Marta Taganga that brings you to Benjamin for just $ 1,400 COP per passenger. If you are in the historic center, you have to walk to find the career fifth (5th.), which goes from South to North. The “busetica” which will bring you to Benjamin Taganga passes every 15 minutes or so. Once you get in Taganga, stay in the “busetica” until the end of the route that ends at the gazebo on the boardwalk at the edge of the beach. When you feel the “busetica” begins to return, then you must get off and walk north (with the sea on your left) until the end of the beach right in front of where you’ll find a dead end and the main entrance to Benjamin Taganga.

By taxi

A taxi from Santa Marta will cost you about $ 10,000 COP per trip and can only transport up to 4 passengers in the taxi, or less if you bring bulky luggage. If you like calling a taxi from your mobile phone, you can dial the numbers 035 420900 or 035 420900 or use the app Easy Taxi and ask your service. Taking a taxi on the street in Santa Marta is safe as well. Tell the driver to bring you to Benjamin Taganga, if the driver does not know where it is, instruct them it is in Taganga just down the beach, through the whole town, and down the aalle 8 to the beach. Turn right until you find the main entrance of Benjamin Taganga.

In your own vehicle

To reach Benjamin Taganga in your own vehicle from Santa Marta, you must seek the “alternative pathway”,an asphalt road that takes you to the seaport city. If you are in the center, looking towards Railroad Avenue and heading North, go up to the race fifth, turn right and continue until you find the “alternate route” where you must follow the path to the first pedestrian bridge, turn left and follow the road through the hills. Once in Taganga, after passing the police station and the church, turn right to the “health post”, then turn left to the penultimate (lane 8) and down to the beach and turn right where you will find Benjamin Taganga.